Saturday, January 24, 2015

App. art assignment

Here is a piece I created on Paint Commander a program/app that I got through Amazon.  I was inspired by my daughter's art in the header.  I think students would enjoy playing around with this to learn how to change their line and learn about how to fill with color.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Origami Models : Origami Flower Pot

Painting on wood

 There are always pieces of scrap wood around our house and they make a great surface for painting.  My son painted the piece on the base of the lamp years ago and it serendipitous that it fit.  The fish is a piece of wood from our old fence.  Both of these items have a prominent place in our home.

origami queen

My daughter has had a reputation at school for years as being the origami queen.  When I taught I had only a few origami tricks in my bag and she has long surpassed all of them.  She has been invited to teach specific folds to her and other second grade classes.  She is in fourth grade now and still is teaching others, mostly on the bus.